20% Buyer Rebate

20% CASH Rebate for Buyers**

Buyer rebates can potentially save you thousands when you buy your home. But they can be complicated and are never guaranteed. For starters, buyer rebates are only legal in certain states and on certain types of purchases. Home buyer rebates also require lender approval and are typically issued as closing credits that can only be spent in certain ways, like to cover closing costs or purhase mortgage points.

If you want guaranteed savings on your home purchase, we recommend working with your Redstone Group Agent to discuss over 20% CASH Rebate for registered buyers. Cash back offers a number of benefits over buyer rebates as eligible buyers shouldnt need lender approval and can spend the cash any way you like.

*Must be with a cooperating team member and home must have been purchased with a Redstone Group agent.

**Must use our preferred lender and title company. Rebates must also be reflected on the closing documents.

National average is 3%

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